Continuing in GOC

I was to return to Chennai tonight, but with the high airfare (11000/-) from TVM to Chennai, my company wisely asked me to stay back and take a morning flight. Gives me time to upload my blog today as well as relax from the tiring work today. I happened to visit some Govt offices today. Their World seems to revolve among the Non-A/C rooms, a deep smell of the wooden storage units & old papers, 10-5 clocks etc . Every desk was loaded with so much paper/ files and people were still chatting away to glory. With so much e-governance initiatives being spoken, wonder when the complete integration would happen. For Eg: The Pass was issued in a hand written format and there is a security lapse

More importantly, my work times have become like those Govt offices since we are doing some work for them. All my meetings wrap by 5 and I have a lot of time for myself (Though I need to work from my room for the report). I picked up this book “Where the Rain in Born” compiled by Anita Nair. I chanced upon this book in Centre for Development Studies in TVM. I picked this one today. This book has writings by Anita Nair, Shashi Tharoor, Ramachandra Guha, Vaikkom Mohamed, Kamala Das and loads of others. There is a Kerala connection with all these writers which they describe from their writings. A good read material.

In my earlier post, I had talked about SWINE FLU and AIDS. The connection was posted by my friend Sakthi. I felt that the devil deserves its due.



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4 responses to “Continuing in GOC

  1. Most of the Govt. offices are similar. I too have worked with certain Govt. organizations as a part of my job, and boy, you need patience to deal with them! But once the relationship is through and you get into the rhythm, you could actually get a lot of business from them. That is one sector which does not get affected by recession! And yes, all the best for your new endeavour.

    Destination Infinity

    • kapikadai

      Thanks a lot for the wishes. I request you to visit and keep commenting. “The stone that bears the chisel..becomes a statue”. I tool this from the Song Translation of yours.

  2. Saras

    I wonder how you still get surprised looking at these Government offices. Considered to be among the “hi-tech” governments, the AP government offices are no better.

    Congratulations on your blog! Hope you continue with the effort!!! I have started and given up thrice!

    • kapikadai

      I know. People are used to the “Chalta Hai” attitude. There is no performance pay. Hence the motivation to meet expectations also drops. Though this might not be the case with all. There are certain people who strive to make a difference.
      And on continuing the effort, patronage is an important fact that keeps people moving. So please do read often my blog and comment on ways and means to improve.

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