Ad’s that try to add value

Hi Friends,

Wikipedia says: Advertising is a form of communication that typically attempts to persuade potential customers to purchase or to consume more of a particular brand of product or service.

Ad’s have taken a new definition these days with the use of technology and revenue spend on par with movies. Ad’s were at a point confined to studio sets, but now people traverse the world for the right location.

Take the Zoo-Zoo’s ad’s of Vodaphone or the Airtel Corporate Mobile Ad’s. These ad’s need to necessarily translate into customers for them. I strongly belive that the % of people shifting to Vodafone/ taking a new vodaphone connection might not be for Zoo-Zoo. These ad’s are more seen as a reminder to the customer that “we are present” and also try to entertain people. Airtel believes in using A.R.Rahman, Saif, Kareena, Zaheer Khan etc, while Vodafone sticks to its basic content. The concept of Zoo-Zoo and a pug following a kid are examples of how Vodafone is willing to go that extra mile and support creativity.

The ACT II Popcorn ad tries to take a dig at all ad’s. There is neither a person/ character. It is plain simple text message that says ad’s are created so that people could go and make themselves a pack of ACT II popcorn. I think this is sheer creativity by its own.

Some ad’s also take into account the technical brilliance available today. The Eveready ad’s of the 80’s and 90’s had models, BIG B etc screaming for “giveme RED”. The latest ad goes with a disclaimer that says, the ad has been made using LED lights and Eveready battery. There is a small story line of a cat chasing a mouse, all made using LED light movement. Before you understand the ad, the ad finishes which also makes you watch it for the second time.

The Happydent ad, which had royal workers all hanging from chandeliers, to car headlights to stadium lamps won quite a few awards at functions. Not all ad’s are supposedly the best. I happened to watch a Royal Enfield Thunderbird ad. The theme is “Leave Home”. The story line goes like this: A SE Asian girl gives birth toa  male child in the labor room and she tells the doc not to cut the umbilical cord. The boy grows up with the cord and through various scenes, like school room, football ground etc the teenage boy seems to be tied to his mother. He then sees a Thunderbird Bike and due to this bike, he decides to cut the bond and the mom is seen sobbing. The ad ends with the tag line “Leave Home”. I saw this in a theatre, and the expression of the crowd was bad.

There are many run-of the mill ad’s that fail to create an impact, while some do create an long-lasting impact. Do write/ comment on the ad’s that  made you think, laugh, slash your wrists, slam the TV, curse the director, cry, etc.



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6 responses to “Ad’s that try to add value

  1. Sakthi

    Quite interesting and informative to read!!

    keep penning your thoughts !!

  2. Venkatesh

    Its true that the Zoo-Zoo campaign of vodafone has created a magic among a set of viewers (it is interesting to note that the focus has moved away from basic service to value added services, unlike tata indicom’s ad, which focussed on signal/ network quality).

    I was at Thanjavur sometime back and was surprised to see a couple of cousins express their dismay at vodafone’s choice of campaign, a “hopeless” looking cartoon kind of character! Then they went on and on saying how the earlier ads of vodafone were (the pug series) and how the new Zoo-Zoo series is a “mokkai”.

    Personally i have enjoyed these ads very much.

    As it is said, you can love them or hate them, but you cannot ignore them….

    • kapikadai

      I agree to your point. I think the relating to the ad has also got to do with the customer profile. I think the Zoo-Zoo ad was a hit in the city.

  3. Some times, ads miss the basic point. There is a huge feel good factor or star presence and after the ad, you don’t remember which brand was advertised. And then there are certain ads that don’t tell the USP fully. Moto Rokr is always advertised as a music phone but till I saw the model in the shop, I didn’t know that it was a full touch screen!! I think the Vodafone ads are innovative. I am not sure how many customers they have made because of it. They could brand those ghosts and merchandise it – dolls, T-Shirts etc. That could sell well 🙂

    Destination Infinity

  4. perpetualquandary

    The zoozoo ads of vodafone are high on recall value, but as u have observed, I wonder whether these would translate into increasein subscription to vodafone’s value add services.
    I personally remember ads with hummable jingles and memorable tunes. Think Mango Frooti, Titan, Videocon Washing Machine, Maggi etc.

    • kapikadai

      Yes. Music has a great role in making an ad successful. A.R. Rahman too started his career with ad jingles. Titan used one bit from Beethoven’s symphony and is an instant hit. People still connect with the ad today.

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