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Anbe Sivam: Review of Kamal’s Intellectual Movie


It has been almost 6 years since “Anbe Sivam” has released. Many would have watched the movie umpteen number of times on TV as well..But with most who like the movie, like it for the humour or for Kamal/ Madhavan’s acting. Most don’t like it bcoz they are not able to relate to/ don’t understand the story.

The movie was a Box Office Failure and mixed review from critics. Most people who have seen the movie would still love the movie…but wayback in 2003, piracy was at its best and hence many would have caught up on a pirated copy rather than watching this in theatre.

Story Plot:

Rich girl and Poor Boy meet and fall in love. Girl’s father and Boy have an issue. He tries to seperate them by playing foul. Years later, rich girl marries poor boy’s friend. Simple story – Let’s look at how Kamal transforms this

The film is based on “Planes, Trains & Automobiles” about 2 strangers becoming friends while travelling. But there ends the similarity.

The film’s lead characters are ‘Anb’arasu and Nalla‘Sivam’. Moreover the 3 lead characters have names that are split into 2. Kamal gets addressed as Mr. Sivam by Maddy and as Nalla by others. Maddy’s name is Anbarasu, while he likes being called A.Ars. Kiran’s name (Bala Saraswati) is addressed as ‘Bala’ by all while Maddy addresses her as ‘Saras’.

I happened to watch this movie First Day First Show. Some scenes that have been deleted from the picture which is not included in the TV versions are:

  •  The story happens in Coimbatore. Kamal is representing Tea Estate Workers?? Kamal and Kiran elope to get married in Kerala, which is closer to Cbe
  •  In the scene where Kiran secretly meets Kama in the theatre and they decide to elope and get married. After that shot is over, Uma Riyaz confesses her love to Kamal. Poun, who is Kamal’s aid confesses hsi love to Uma Riyaz.
  •  In the party at Kiran’s house, Kamal does some art work using food items. When the same is done on PC, Kiran tells him that the version of Software used in Photoshop 5.  Uma Riyaz responds saying that Kamal is well versed in Photoshop 7.

Some more interesting facts

  • Madan makes a cameo in the movie as himself. He is the dialogue writer for the movie. He is a well known cartoonist and film critic.
  • Yugi Sethu makes a cameo as “Uttamaa”, a petty theif who talks from Ogilvey to M.K. Gandhi in the 2 scenes he comes.
  • Kamal learnt how to play the “thavil” for the song.
  • In orissa, when Kamal and Maddy share the room, if u notice, u can find one of Kamal’s leg being shorter than the other, which’ll get reiterated in the next scene, when Maddy throws his shoes and Kamal explains his problems.
  • In Orissa, when Maddy gets a blow on the head, he tells Kamal that his bloog group is a rare one. Kamal recounts this during the train mishap and makes sure Maddy donates blood to the child. But the gap in the story was, the previous night, Maddy consumes Whiskey in the train with Yugi sethu and an alcoholic cannot donate blood. The boy is shown to die in the movie without any explicit reason.
  • Kamal also talks about Tsunami in this movie, when not many were aware about Tsunami at that point. In 2004 Dec, Tsunami hit most parts of the SE Asia. Tsunami was a recurring them in Dasavatharam as well.
  • Kamal would wear black/ maroon shirts when he plays the role of a disabled, while in the initial sections, it shall be rolled sleeves light color shirts.
  • Kamal essays the role of a person who has mellowed down from a angry man to a person who can see the issues in a ligher vein. Maddy’s role is in line with the initial role of Kamal who expects processes and procedures to be adhered to.
  • Many still claim that the movie was Ghost Directed by Kamal, while Sundar C was the original director

I have tried to capture some of the most important aspects of the movie, though each time the movie is seen, there are lot of newer things to learn from this movie and the legend.



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Bombay Talkies – R.K. Salai

Hi, Been a long time since I posted on the blog due to work pressures.. Here comes my review of Bombay Talkies – A eat out joint in R.K. Salai.

The restaurant is located in the next building to Oriental Bank of Commerce in R.K. Salai adjoining the fly-over (opp Savera). It is a simple layout restaurant with 24 covers. The menu gives you a variety with items ranging from SouthIndian to Bombay street food like chat items, sandwiches, vada pav, chenna batura to the North India Parathas, choley etc. Possible an attempt to cater to wider audience, the niche seems to have been lost.

The food is good. You get a choice of Limited Thali at Rs.48, which is a good value for money. The other items are priced accordingly. You still might not try a Idli/ Dosa here when you have Woodlands on the other side of the road and Saravana Bhavan in a 5 min walking distance.

The vada pav, the misal (have not come across this in Chennai so far) are good. But the paratha’s with pickle and curd will make you ask for more. The other items in the menu are standard fare like juices, ice-creams, shakes etc.

Rating: 3/ 5 for the parathas, vada pav and misal.

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