Easy Cooking Recipies

Hi Friends,

Was chatting recently with a friend of mine who has been in Sweden and his horrific food experiences.. thought about sharing some simple recepies

1. Easy Kadi

Ingredients –

Beasan – 1 cup and Curd – 1.5 cup – finely mixed and allowed to rest for 10 min

Sugar & Salt – 1 spoon

Finally chopped Green Chillies & curry leaves- 1 spoon

Oil/ Ghee, Mustard, Cumin Seeds – 1 spoon each

Heat oil in a pan and pop the mustard & cumin seeds. Add the curry leaves, green chillies, sugar & salt. Once the green chillies start to change color, add the curd-besan mixture and keep stirring till bubbles form on the creamy surface. Don’t cook the curd too much since it could lose its consistency. Can be eaten with Rice, Roti

Kadi Ready!!

2. Sprouts Rice

Mixed sprouts – 1 packet (available in most super markets) – Boil in water till soft

Boiled Rice – 1 .5 cups

Oil, Mustard, salt & Biryani Masala powder – 1 spoon

Onion, Tomato, carrot and beans (boiled) – finely chopped

Heat oil, add mustard and fry onion till translucent, add the tomatoes, carrot and beans. Once they are fried, add the sprouts, salt and masala powder. Once the raw smell of the masala powder has been reduced, add the boiled rice, mix well and serve with curd.

Do share your easy cooking recepies as well…. Shall asssit a lot of our people who are struggling to learn.

Cooking is the early form of experimentation.


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