Back in Chennai

Had a long flight from TVM to Chennai (12:30 to 2:30), marking the completion of my visit from Kerala. Had to rush back to office for completing a report.

There was an ATC (Air Traffic Controller) officer sitting beside me. She was sharing a lot of insights on the way flights are handled. ATC is the “Eye and Ear” of the pilots and they guide them as to how the flight needs to be taken off and landed etc. Some figures she threw to me are:

Chennai airport handles 350 flights (take-off + landing) per day while Mumbai and Delhi has 60o or so. That makes it approximately 15 flights an hour.

There are around 125 staff who work on 4 shifts (8 hours makes it tiring). Certain peak hours like between 8 Pm-10 PM, 6:30 AM – 8:30 AM are when the team  of both shifts work concurrently.

Apart from handling the flight destined for Chennai, the ATC also handles flights passing through Chennai without a stop-over.

Phew !! I thought how people could day in and day out work on directing some one how to land, take off, queue etc

Celebrity Meet

In the flight today, I met the GREAT PERCUSSIONIST IN CARNATIC MUSIC, Mr. Umayalpuram Sivaraman. Had a brief chat with him (though my music knowledge in next to 0, may be 0.01). Then when i followed up on his write up did I get to know the greatness of this person.

More about him @


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Continuing in GOC

I was to return to Chennai tonight, but with the high airfare (11000/-) from TVM to Chennai, my company wisely asked me to stay back and take a morning flight. Gives me time to upload my blog today as well as relax from the tiring work today. I happened to visit some Govt offices today. Their World seems to revolve among the Non-A/C rooms, a deep smell of the wooden storage units & old papers, 10-5 clocks etc . Every desk was loaded with so much paper/ files and people were still chatting away to glory. With so much e-governance initiatives being spoken, wonder when the complete integration would happen. For Eg: The Pass was issued in a hand written format and there is a security lapse

More importantly, my work times have become like those Govt offices since we are doing some work for them. All my meetings wrap by 5 and I have a lot of time for myself (Though I need to work from my room for the report). I picked up this book “Where the Rain in Born” compiled by Anita Nair. I chanced upon this book in Centre for Development Studies in TVM. I picked this one today. This book has writings by Anita Nair, Shashi Tharoor, Ramachandra Guha, Vaikkom Mohamed, Kamala Das and loads of others. There is a Kerala connection with all these writers which they describe from their writings. A good read material.

In my earlier post, I had talked about SWINE FLU and AIDS. The connection was posted by my friend Sakthi. I felt that the devil deserves its due.


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Trip to God’s Own Country (GOC)

Hi Friends,

Being in advisory servces allows  the luxury of travelling to locations as diverse as from Mumbai, Delhi to interior villages in Nagpur. I’m in Trivandrum (State Capital of Kerala) for the last 3 days. Some things which I observed here:

Simplicity: To take a fresh air, I had taken a stroll from my hotel yesterday evening. I was waiting to cross the busiest M.G. road then I saw a patrol lights of a car. Before I could blink, the car that followed it had the number plate saying it was the CM and he was followed by another patrol car. No traffic jams, no 10-12 cars following. I guess our respected politicians in other part of the country could take a leaf out of this. Hats Off Kerala CM…

Awareness: I read a snippet in FB which said ” If 10 people get swine flu….100000 people walk in the streets wearing masks, but even with crores affected with AIDS people do not wear CONDOMS”. Infact for the first time in my life I came across this shop in Trivandrum which should be implemented across the country. HLL (Hindustan Latex Ltd) runs a MOODS condom shop stocking all their products in M.G Road and a vending machine as well. See it for yourself. HATS OFF TO HLL

Atrocious: The first thing that caught my eye in the paper today morning apart from SRK playing the negative shade in Dhoom 3 was that 2 nurses were terminated in a Hospital in New Delhi for speaking in Malayalam. No No, they did not converse to patients but just greeted each other. I always thought India gave its citizens “FREEDOM OF SPEECH”…

MAGNANIMITY or MEGALOMANIAC: By the way, the article on SRK playing Villainy in Dhoom 3 is reportedly to save Yash Raj Films from the financial disaster they are into. SRK, know that he is a MASTER MARKETER himself, the reason I presume could be:

DHOOM: Hero –  AB Jr, Comedian – Uday Chopra, Villian – John “HOT” Abraham

DHOOM 2: Hero –  AB Jr, Comedian – Uday Chopra, Villian – Hrithik Roshan

When you compare the 2 films, the villain had scope for performance and in D2, junior Roshan was able to lip lock with to be Mrs. AB Jr in the movie. SRK had already created waves as DON. He would end up going the extra mile as well…With his team’s bad performance in IPL 2 as well, they now require a KNIGHT in shining armour to save them from the disaster they have gotten themselves into.


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