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Bombay Talkies – R.K. Salai

Hi, Been a long time since I posted on the blog due to work pressures.. Here comes my review of Bombay Talkies – A eat out joint in R.K. Salai.

The restaurant is located in the next building to Oriental Bank of Commerce in R.K. Salai adjoining the fly-over (opp Savera). It is a simple layout restaurant with 24 covers. The menu gives you a variety with items ranging from SouthIndian to Bombay street food like chat items, sandwiches, vada pav, chenna batura to the North India Parathas, choley etc. Possible an attempt to cater to wider audience, the niche seems to have been lost.

The food is good. You get a choice of Limited Thali at Rs.48, which is a good value for money. The other items are priced accordingly. You still might not try a Idli/ Dosa here when you have Woodlands on the other side of the road and Saravana Bhavan in a 5 min walking distance.

The vada pav, the misal (have not come across this in Chennai so far) are good. But the paratha’s with pickle and curd will make you ask for more. The other items in the menu are standard fare like juices, ice-creams, shakes etc.

Rating: 3/ 5 for the parathas, vada pav and misal.


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